Why AEPhi? 



Interested in going Greek? Alpha Epsilon Phi participates in formal recuitment each fall. For more information and to register, please visit the following link.








You may be asking yourself, why Alpha Epsilon Phi? Read on to see what some of our members have to say!





"Why AEPhi? Because it has brought out the best in me. AEPhi has simultaneously made me into a more confident, independent person and connected me to an unbelievable group of girls. AEPhi is more than a sorority; it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance at some of the best friends and experiences a girl can ask for. That’s why."

"Because our chapter is filled with amazing, intelligent, and motivated girls who are PHuture leaders" 

"Because there's always someone who has my back; always someone to lean on. The amount of support and encouragement that surrounds me is unmatched by anything else. AEPhi really is my home away from home."

"AEPhi is so much more than a student organization or a group of friends. It is a group of driven and inspiring women that you know will always be there for you. It is a community that you can come home to every day. It is a family to celebrate the good times and get support through the bad. It is knowing that in 10, 20, or even 50 years that I will have sisters to share old memories and make new ones."

Contact our Recruitment Chairs 

If you have any recruitment suggestions or recommendations, feel free to email them here or send them a letter via the address to the right! Just make sure you don't forget to include your name, phone number, and home address!

Alpha Epsilon Phi

C/O 2019 Recruitment Chair

904 South Third Street

Champaign, IL - 61820

Find us at:
904 S. 3rd Street
Champaign, Illinois

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